We are


We help people live into their strengths and experience Jesus.

Over 61% of Haughton’s population are currently not involved in any religious community. By 2028, that number is estimated to easily be 77+%. The Harvest is truly larger than we could ever imagine.
— Klay Harrison, Planting Pastor

Our Impact

We embrace Jesus by helping people experience Jesus and grow in faith.
We embrace People
by developing personal strengths and calling.
We embrace Church
by reaching new people and helping locals.


november 2018 Triannual report • NEXT REPORTing is March 2019

Embrace disbursed funds


for reaching new people

Embrace is serious about reaching new people. We’re a church for the unchurched, dechurched, and non-religious.



for making disciple-makers

Disciples replicate the life and mission of Jesus. This includes helping others do the same. Embrace invests in people, equips disciple-makers, develops strengths, and empowers personal calling.



for Taking care of business

Supplies, professional services, technology, and all the operational needs that make Embrace possible.


Engage Faith

Embrace is here to help you take a step toward Jesus and live into your God-given purpose.


Bible Journaling

Your story is part of a much bigger Story! Digging into the grand story helps you live more fully into the chapters of your life that you are writing.

Bible Journaling is a time to read scripture in a community that welcomes questions, difficulties, and honesty so that our stories become enriched with value, love, and hope. Journaling during this time allows us each the space we need to process and engage with the Bible's grand story.



A place for worship centered around dinner tables. Have a complicated relationship with church? Have no relationship with a church? That’s ok, so do we. We don’t have a steeple. We don’t have pews. We have a table, and we’ll set a place for you.

Barnabas Team

There was a prominent apostle in the early church named Joseph. His behaviors and values earned him a new name…Barnabas (Acts 4:36). Barnabas was a person of encouragement who represented the spirit of communal sharing, aka fellowship.

Embrace's Barnabas Team are persons of encouragement who nurture communal sharing of life together. These persons pray for people by name, write cards of encouragement, and speak life into others.


Launch team

Bring out your inner church planter and help us launch Embrace! Gather monthly with the Embrace Launch Team, reach new people, and be a part of the innovation from the start.

You can make a real difference on the Launch Team and create a legacy for future generations.

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Hey there!

I'm Klay Harrison, the planting Pastor at Embrace. I can’t wait to meet you!

Jesus transformed my world when I was 20 years old. Ever since I've been driven to love Jesus and love like Jesus.

My greatest passion is helping people come alive to their calling and connecting their stories to Jesus' story.

My family is my world. I'm thankful to be on this journey with them!